Lily Benson

New Stratas

(1 min excerpt)

In the early 1920s, artist and filmmaker Oskar Fischinger built a machine that simultaneously cut a slice of melted wax colors and took a photograph. This process automatically generated swirling and mesmerizing animations. During the same time period, experiments with hypnosurgery revealed that through hypnosis, pain can be transformed into tingling and tickling sensations.

After several years of being fascinated by the instantaneous creation of hypnotizing (and potentially healing) imagery and experimenting with digital variations of Fischinger’s process, I eventually devised an analog version as a return to the technique’s origin. I generated a film by applying paper-marbling techniques directly onto clear 16mm leader.

In the installation of New Stratas, the spellbinding properties of arts and crafts are layered upon one another, creating a dizzying entrance to the film and another experience of instant-stupefaction.